This week’s artist: Chakra !

The next big… BIG announcement! Classic acid-goa-trance from the 90s! Most of the tracks he made became classics, and the only reason for that… They are AWESOME!!!!

So get ready for some liquid trolling: CHAKRA!!!!

Ambassador sale start

Happy New Year Dear Apsarans!
We’ve got another nice announcement today as per public demand: the launch of our Ambassadors’ sale !

Partygoers may have specific needs or questions, or may not be fluent in English.
Also, for some people and in some countries it is NOT always easy to have a bank card, or pay via paypal, especially if you’re young/student.

For those cases, we have ambassadors. With them you can:

  • Get all the information you need 
    Pay tickets in cash or on their local account using the *local currency*.
  • Like pretty much every festival we’re selling in phases (Early birds, Phase 1, Phase 2, at the gates) but with 2 prices depending on the country.

Because this is a manual job and in a currency we’ll have to change, we’re going to have to ask you for a handling fee on top of the 1€ fee for the ticketing platform. Additionally, our ambassadors have received instructions to give you rounded prices in your local currency  We are not listing them here because currency change rates do evolve over time.

The ambassador list is visible through the top menu under Tickets >> Ambassadors or directly here.

It comprises Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Ukraine, plus Turkey, Israel, Brazil and the UK. The Apsara organizers are also ensuring the ambassador role in their respective countries even though they’re in the Eurozone (Belgium, France, Germany).

You may now write or call your respective ambassadors and get your ticket for THE GOA Festival of this great newborn year !

A couple of new announcements for Christmas : Artifact303 and Denshi Danshi

Merry Christmas, dear Apsarans !

The next announcement for our main floor!  Artifact303 from Romania! 
Superb floating and powerful goa-trance and already a classic Suntrip artist as well! 

And on top of it we’re annoucning Denshi Danshi These French trance veterans since the early 90’s are now ready to launch you to another dimension with their acidic but melodic old school goa-trance!! 

Here’s our location!

You want to know the location for our Apsara Festival 2018​ ? 🙂

This picture says it all we guess! 🙂 A beautiful valley between forests, where the camping is!

The festival will take place near Ludoş city, 40km from Sibiu, in the west of Romania.
This is 300km from the Hungarian or the Serbian border.


And an overview of the valley taken when Transylvaliens was taking place there 🙂


You can also see it on Google Maps at GPS coordinates {45.924350, 23.878393}

Inspiring, don’t you think ?

This week’s artist: Proxeeus

Today we present you Proxeeus, a French modern goa producer who is obsessed with old school acid sounds and TB 303s!  His mad powerful sets gained a lot of attention on earlier festivals, and we are sure he will tweak you in heaven here as well!

Apsara 2018 presales are *open* !

We are now opening the Apsara Festival 2018 presales:
Just in time for Christmas presents, right ?

They will also be available through our ambassadors from mid-January 2018.

Pricing strategy: We decided to work with 2 different prices, as not everyone has the same economic situation. We have “social” countries and we have “mainstream” countries. Like this we try to make sure everyone is able to make it to this pure goa-trance event!

The phases are as follows:

  • Early Birds: 17 dec 2017 – 16 jan 2018 – LIMITED
    Social prices: 50€ – Mainstream prices: 90€
  • Phase 1: 17 jan 2018 – 16 apr 2018 – LESS LIMITED (but still limited)
    Social prices: 70€ – Mainstream prices: 110€
  • Phase 2: 17 apr 2018 – 03 aug 2018 – UNLIMITED
    Social prices: 80€ – Mainstream prices: 120€
    Social prices: 90€ – Mainstream prices: 130€

If all tickets in a phase are sold, the next phase automatically starts.


“Social” countries : We’re offering tickets at a lower price exclusively for people in countries with more demanding economic situations. Pay attention, we will check your living address at the gates (eg: take a bill with you). “Social pricing” countries are:

  • Europe: Most of Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine
  • Africa: All countries
  • Middle East: All countries except Israel, Oman, Qatar & United Arab Emirates
  • Asia & Pacific: All countries except Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia & New Zealand
  • Caribbean, Central and South America: All countries except Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico


Accepted payment means: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro/Bancontact, Carte Bleue, Paypal


Children can enter the festival for free up to their 13th birthday.


Ambassadors: for some people and in some countries it is NOT easy to have a bank card, or pay via paypal. For those countries, we have ambassadors as well. With them you can pay cash or on their local account. The ambassadors only start to work at Phase 1, so the 17th of january. We will have ambassadors in: Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, and several central/eastern European countries. The list will be disclosed in the first days of January.

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