Three weeks to go

Howdy Apsarans,

In three weeks (23 days exactly) we’ll open our gates to you, for a unique Goa experience!

Maybe you’d like to have another look at our crazy Main Valley lineup, and our mighty Ambient Forest performers.

All lights are green on our side and we’ll start building up in just 10 days.

If you haven’t planned your trip to Apsara land yet, maybe it’s time to consider visiting (eg just after Ozora, or 10 days after Boom). Tickets will be available till August 3rd through https:/

Have a wonderful week!

Unveiling Apsara’s Ambient Forest !

After the goa-trance stage, we now also announce our chill out line up

As most of you know this will be inside the cozy warmth of the forest.
We chose a mix of new talents and known names and there will be music for every taste! 

E-Mantra – Suntrip Records / Romania
Etnica in Dub – Etnicanet & DAT Records / Italy
Mindsphere – Suntrip Records / Turkey
Ancient Core – Melusine Records / Romania
Pete & Pan – Belgium
Solar Powered Beings (aka Jagoa) – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Skarma – Suntrip Records & Global Sect / Hungary
Menkalian (part of Cosmic Dimension) – Suntrip Records / Macedonia
Encens – Koyote Reocrds / United Kingdom
Haitaka (aka Triquetra) – Suntrip Records / Belgium

Seb Taylor DJ set (Kaya project, Angel Tears,…) – Interchill + Dragonfly / United Kingdom
Anoebis – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Rodminus – Malta
Masala – Neogoa / Japan
TB – Suntrip Records / Germany
Bandagor – Belgium
Kosmologos – Belgium
Yella – Global Sect / Serbia
Pavane – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Dušan Lončar – Serbia
Goasis – Suntrip Records / Australia
Hase – Romania
Longcat – France
Mars – Suntrip Records / France
Mawski – Romania

This week’s artists : DJs ~ Part 3!

To finalise our line up… The last bunch of DJ’s for main stage! 

Uplifting and more obscure, darker and experimental Goa trance by following masters! D-Dave aka David of Battle of the Future Buddhas , Skeleton Hex, Anoebis more experimental and darkish alter ego, Lugus, another Belgian Goa trance wizard and of course, local Romanian support! CromoNovaHase & Theo MawsKi!!! 

And now… Spread the word of this mad line up


And the last live is : …RA… yeah!

Keep the best announcement for the end?
Here we go with the last live for this festival: I know dozens of people praying to hear this music played by the artist! He hasn’t played for a LONG time (except for 1 gig in Belgium).
Pure melodic, goa-trance bliss!
The ultimate floating morning music… powerful, deep, melodic and emotional!
Straight from Norway by Lars…  *** RA ***

This week’s artist: Night Hex !

Before announcing the last (and special) live act, we present you the midtempo project of a Romanian melody master!

If you like dreamy slower goa trance with a hint of progressive… you will love Night Hex! The side project of E-Mantra.

Shops @ Apsara

We had a lot of messages via a lot of channels, but to make things clear: if you have a shop, or a foodshop…

You can always contact us to shops [at]


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