Get ready for some serious happiness!

The next announcement is someone we are welcoming back!
In the last edition he made the whole dancefloor fly… emotional trancy melodies mixed with euphoric climaxes while the sun was shining! A true celebration of happiness! 

The reviews were so positive, we could only invite him for more real Israeli goa trance! Welcome back Elad Afgin!!
Let’s get ready for an Astral Experience, where Old is Gold goa melodies will trigger our Emotions and cause Heaven’s Tears! 

More swedish artists: Sienis !!!

Our next name! A Swedish-born wizard out of Finnish parents, who always flirted with a unique mix of goa-trance, forest trance and even suomi! 

He will play an old school set with his old music of early 00s under different alter ego’s. Expect powerful banging goa/psy-trance with psychedelic twists allover! 

From Sweden, Eki Jokisalo aka Sienis!
When we, Fungi Sapiens, become Tranceformers during Eki’s Tales From the Trip, we will dance In The Forest while Feeling The Power of Our Itchy Feet!

The King is back!

Our last announcement of a name that was already revealed on the flyer is the master of euphoria!

He crushed every goa-friendly dancefloor in the world… behaving like the final boss in computergames! Massive, uplifting, melodic, modern but old school… From Sweden, mister Jannis Filteria !

So people that are Lost in the Wild in the Night @12pm, with Food Demons screaming in their Lost Belly, make sure to Navigate untill you see The Lights of Shibuya! 🙂

Wanna howl ?

Before many of you go to Portugal… Another smashing old school name for our crazy underground gathering! Super psychedelic, acidic goa trance with a rocking touch… One of the most beloved artists of the 90s, and with a reason! Expect a pure old school set… From the UK… Cosmosis
Get ready for music that makes the dancefloor look like an Alien Disco under the Moonshine! Where Spores from Space will sound like a Gift of the Gods!

The “Old is Gold” annoucement of the week: Fripic Bounce!

The next special announcement for Apsara Festival 2020 is something that hasn’t been done in a LONG time! 

 It may not be the most famous name, but its amazing music all the way! Early forest/goa trance crossover? From Sweden, Fripic Bounce aka Phlat Phase for an underground night set like on the famous Swedish Orebro parties! 

As you know, sometimes Apsara has a Handful of Tricks…like Inflated Trolls or even Mermaid Marmalade! 

This week, Steptime is joining us !

The next announcement is something unique, for the first time in many many years… ! 

🙂 There was a time that goa and forest was still one… melodic, darker super psychedelic music! 
One of the pioneers in this genre was Swedish Leo Bergman! (also known from his 90s pure goa project Exotonic) and he will play a pure retro goa-forest Steptime crossover set for us! 
It’s Time to go Berserk and feel the Shiva Power during a Pagan Sunrise!

Announcement of the week: Mindfield!

Our next announcement on Apsara Festival is a pioneer of the scene…

Making acid-trance already since the early 90s! 🙂 He also started his own label, Phantasm Records, to promote this typical brittish acidic sound!

In 1 year (ooh, thats still far) he will give your ears a nice massage with a 303-ish live act! We hope your mind will go on an odyssey into a twilight world, filled with Sphynxes and Talismen! 🙂

Thanks John Ford

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